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Eans Korea Co., Ltd.
16-49, Geombawi 1-gil, Sohol-eup, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 487-827 Korea
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Don, Min , General Manager

Eans Korea Co., Ltd.
T.O.M Cream Chargers

T.O.M Cream Chargers [EK-CC]

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T.O.M Cream Chargers [EK-CC]

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T.O.M Cream Chargers [EK-CC]

- External appearance 90 x 36 x 68 [Width x Depth x Height]
- Weight of product : 180g
- Material : Cartridge[Aluminum] Whipping Gas [Nitrous Oxide]
- Use : Used after inserting in to into aCream Whipper, a Whipping maker
- Precaution in use : Store in a dry cool place
- Manufacturer : Eans Korea Co., Ltd.


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